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The Unbearable Importance of the Last Line

So, let’s just say that a lot of people voiced skepticism this week when Chris Woodcock, Steve’s former director of “issues management,” (propaganda minister, or ‘fixer’ might be more familiar terms) insisted that he could look at a FIVE LINE email about an issue pivotal to the party and his Prime Minister, and somehow not get all the way down to the fifth line. (see below)

Was it truly a case of prophylactic amnesia, or just the general incompetence displayed by pretty much everyone appointed by the PM.? (Which, of course, raises its own questions about the competence of the P.M. who made the appointments)

As some might point out, a 3-year old with a bursting bladder has a longer attention span than the one professed by IssuesManagementMan, but to give him his due, Woodcock was able to deliver and defend this declaration with a straight face even as it was met with laughter in the courtroom, and there IS precedent. In fact, on more than one occasion, history has been written by figures who clearly had all the focus of a dog on a squirrel farm.

And to illustrate this point, here are just a few… (click on the image if you need to enlarge to legible size)

stephen harper letters
So stick to your guns Chrissyboy, because as everyone knows