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“Do Not Disturb”

Of course, it might be different if they were there to tell you something other than the same partylinetalkingpoints that are repeated on every TV appearance, every junk mail paper waster, and every supper-interrupting phone call (because they can -and will- ignore your presence on the Do Not Call list). It might be different if there was any chance that any opinions you voiced were likely to change a candidate’s position in any way…

…but the only real surprise that you can expect from the Human Spam that will be appearing on your doorstep is that everything you say to them is likely to be entered into party databases that are immune from policing or inspection by privacy commissioners. (Because as we’ve all seen, and like the Do Not Call List, politicians don’t have to live by the same laws that the rest of us do.)

CBC: How data mining is changing political campaigns

“Given developments in technology and data mining, Lieberman says in the near future, political campaigners will be able to send messages directly to voters’ television sets and even customize them.”

…oh boy.

And that’s a ‘benign’ potential.

But until that day when we’re all throwing our TVs out our second floor windows, you can at least fight the Human Spam, bring a stop to those irritating interruptions by door-to-door canvassers and candidates, and let them know you don’t want to be in yet another -unpoliced- database, all with this free and tasteful door knocker sign.

Just click on the image below to access a full-size PDF file and follow the instructions.

(And you can find more downloadable designs for buttons, signs, bumper stickers and t-shirts here.)